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Principles of good health Few Habits to Adopt to Stay Healthy

Principles of good health  Few Habits to Adopt to Stay Healthy
Principles of good health
Few Habits to Adopt to Stay Healthy iples of good health
Few Habits to Adopt to Stay Healthy, full health depends on a few basic principles. The most important of these are cleaning, body cleaning, laundry and household cleaning. All these things are essential for fitness. Bath: Take the first physical cleanse. Bathing is one of the best ways to cleanse the body, which is beneficial for all seasons. Daily bathing is essential in the summer season, while bathing in the winter must be done in the winter. Young and healthy men can bathe with cold (fresh) water, while children and the elderly should bathe with lukewarm water. In this regard, one should be careful to bathe in the following situations. 2. Do not bathe immediately after or immediately after exercise. 2. Do not bathe immediately after exhausting work. 2. Immediately after bathing, the body should be thoroughly dried with a clean towel. Bathing with mild hot water is useful in all seasons, for people of all ages and temperaments, try to thoroughly rub the body during bathing, the use of soap removes contamination and sedation. Mouth: In addition to physical cleaning, dental cleaning is very important. Generally, dental impairment causes digestion and causes various diseases. A good dental hygienist is a good tool. This makes the gums stronger. Smells are made of fresh branches of semi or acacia or root of the yellow. Toothbrushes are also common. They do dental cleaning. But a stiff brush is harmful to the teeth. Some people use brinjal without brushing, but using only brinjal does not provide complete cleansing as the particles that are left between the teeth do not usually come out which require brushing or scrubbing. The tongue should be thoroughly cleaned in the morning. Keep nails and hair clean. Cut the nails every week. Clothing: Dirty clothes are harmful to health. Clothes that remain attached to the body, such as vest, etc., should be changed daily and washed with soap. Clothes must be changed at least three days per season. Home: Cleaning the house is very important as well. The windows and doors should be kept open depending on the weather so that the wind and light can come on. Shrubs should be brushed daily so the floors are not dirty. Good drainage of the house should be managed well. Bathroom and toilet cleaning should be taken into consideration. A large portion of women's time is spent cooking and all household food is prepared here, so do the kitchen cleaning, and especially the smoke and heat exhaust. Diet: Time restriction is important for eating. The diet should be tailored to age and season and to your needs. The diet must adhere to clean and hygienic principles.

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