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Mental health awareness. Important need of the hour

Mental health awareness. Important need of the hour


The period of senescence from adolescence has been of great importance throughout the life of women. Infancy, health, pregnancy and reproductive health are important areas of focus. This portal provides information on safe pregnancy and reproductive health

Children's Health
Children and newborns, growth and evolution, milestone acquisition, vaccination, care during illness, nutrition etc play a vital role in the health of the child. Children are susceptible to infectious diseases and poor nutrition. Proper nutrition is needed to avoid poor nutrition and infectious diseases, healthy evolution and growth. The baby's every baby, newborn, infant, toddler and school age deserve more special attention to protect and prevent illnesses and better growth and development with its full potential. The portal provides information on all these topics.

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Policies and schemes

The aim of the National Health Mission is to provide effective health care to the public, including backward groups including women and children, to provide better services, to increase equality and accountability, and to promote social decentralization. Stability of the public health system. The portal provides information on the NHM and various health plans and policies.

Greek, Sadha and Homeopath Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, are gaining popularity The portal provides information on diagnosis, treatment and related institutions and schemes related to

Acquiring nutrients according to the nutritional requirements of the body is called nutrition. Better nutrition is the cornerstone for a proper and well-balanced diet, consistent with physical activity, good health. The Portal provides information on dietary guidelines, diets and their nutritional value, nutrition ideas and tips and more.

Any disease affecting the normal functioning of the body or any organ of the body is called a disease. It can be divided into 3 levels: Internal diseases, external diseases and diseases of unknown origin, information about these types of diseases is provided in the portal.

Cleanliness and hygiene
Comprehensive hygiene definitions include clear drinking water, liquid and solid waste management, environmental cleanup and personal hygiene. The portal provides information on these important topics.

Mental health
WHO describes mental health as an improvement to the body. An individual recognizes his or her personal well-being, can cope with the normal pressures of life, work creatively and contribute to his or her community. The portal provides information on this comprehensive health point of view that is currently in focus

First Aid
The first aid to treat illness and injury is called First Aid. Information about vital and essential points to remember, be prepared in the event of an emergency or minor injury in the office, home, school, college or factory. provides.

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