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Everyone wants to make your hair look healthy

Everyone wants to make your hair look healthy
Everyone wants to make your hair look healthy and beautiful. For a long time, the tradition of dyeing hair in new colors has become commonplace. There was a time when hair was dyed only when it was white. But now young people are more often adopting this fashion.

Dyeing hair is often quite expensive in artificial ways. Dies found in stores are often made from harmful chemicals that weaken the hair and cause hair loss. How nice it is to have a method that allows the hair to be colored and to maintain its strength.

The following simple natural methods can help you to dye your hair without harm. Natural prescriptions take longer to produce than artificial methods but have no side effects.


Henna makes hair dense and strong. Do not use chemical black henna for hair dye, but look for chemical free henna. Mix mehndi in yogurt at night and make a thick paste and leave it for overnight. Wear gloves in your hands and divide the hair into sections. Tie the section with a separate clip. Open one clip and paste.
After applying henna, tie the hair in a bag or cloth and allow it to stick for an hour. If you want a darker color, leave it on for two to three hours. Wash hair with a good shampoo.
Use twice a month for best results.


Honey is best if you want to get your hair blonde. Mix honey and yogurt.
The yogurt should be so that the honey's grease is gone. And take the honey according to the length of your hair. Allow the hair to be applied for two hours. Once in a while it may not show its effect, but with its constant use the hair color will start to change. Be sure to use it once a week for best results.

Black leaf
Applying black tea to hair will make the hair darker. It is also beneficial to the health of the hair. Cook two teaspoons of tea leaves thoroughly in two cups of water. After cooling the hair, let the hair out of the tea over the dough and let the rest remain for three to four hours. Then wash the hair thoroughly with clean water and after using this recipe three to four times you will start to see a difference.

Coffee is also a natural way to dye hair.
With coffee you can also add red and brown highlights to your hair.
Put two tablespoons coffee in two cups.
Wash the hair first with a good shampoo.
Put the coffee mix in a small tub. Keep the tub in your bathtub. Soak the hair in it.
Here you will need the help of someone.
Put the mixer on the hair with the help of a glass or canoe.
If the excess mixer comes out of the hair, leave the hair on for three to four hours.
In the meantime tie a cloth on the hair. After three to four hours wash the hair.
There is another way to dye the hair with coffee.
In a half cup conditioner add three to four tablespoons of coffee.
Place a towel over the shoulders and apply this dye with a brush on the hair.
Apply the hair to the tips, starting at the roots.
Leave it for an hour. Wash your hair with plain water.

Gul Baboona

It is a kind of flower. You will find the leaf made from it at any herbal store. Put five teaspoons of Gul Baboni leaves in a cup of warm water and leave for fifteen to twenty minutes. When the water has cooled, put two tablespoons of yogurt in it. Apply this mixture on the hair as a mask. Tie the hair into the shower cap. Allow the hair to remain in place for two hours. Then wash the hair with shampoo. Use it two to three times a week until your mind gets the color you want. This will give a light golden color to the hair.

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