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Brown bread or white, which is more useful?

Brown bread or white, which is more useful?
Brown bread or white, which is more useful?

Generally people use white bread more for breakfast or everyday life, while brown bread is used as diet.
Most people think that brown bread is used by sick people, but it is not.
According to nutritionists, there is no doubt that brown bread is useful for people with intestinal cancer and heavy weight because brown bread is high in fiber, it is purely nutritious.

One study has tried to find out which white and brown bread is best for health.

Experts divided the volunteers into 2 groups, one group was given white and the other group was given brown bread, and later volunteers from both groups were tested.
The results showed that both types of bread do not have any disease, both types of bread had the same benefits, however brown bread was found to be better for people with weight loss and bowel cancer.

Experts say the effects of bread vary on people, not just bread, but also the bacteria found in individuals.
Experts have revealed that the bacteria in each person's intestines are different, so the effect of each meal on these individuals is different, because of these bacteria, white for one and brown bread for some. More beneficial.
The Science Journal, however, criticized the research report, calling these findings inaccurate, because the study was conducted on a limited scale.

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